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Up to 70% of
your potential
patients are
not insured...
Cash dental patients make up the majority of your community, yet few dentists offer anything other than credit options to serve them. Being a great dentist is expected, but what are you doing to acquire and retain your patients?
What are you doing to build your production? What are you doing for patients who have small amounts of coverage but need larger treatment plans or want upgrades and cosmetic dentistry? What system do you have in place to build a profitable practice everyday, every week, all year long, year after year?
SoloCare is the solution!
Most people have little or no dental coverage for even basic and major services. Even when they do have coverage, it rarely provides for more than $1500 in coverage and does not offer solutions for upgraded services or cosmetics. SoloCare Dental Plans is the answer! SoloCare customizes everything for you and offers a turn-key system at no charge to qualifying offices. How does it work? Click here